Sweet Eats | Suarez Bakery

We’ve been looking forward to picking up some sweet eats from the Suarez Bakery for ages, and this past weekend we finally did. My sister, Ashley Jane, had just flew back from a conference in DC the night before, and we decided to head up to the Park Rd. Shopping Center for some foodie deliciousness. Since the summer heat here in the Carolina’s is no joke, I recommend you pick up your bakery treats shortly before you’re planning to head home… which is exactly what we did.


The Suarez Bakery, is a sweet lovers dream. They have a wide variety of cakes (available as a whole or by the slice) cupcakes, cookies and other delicious pastries.

Summery cookies...
Summery cookies…
Delicious cupcakes...
Delicious cupcakes…

We picked up a cupcake for the birthday girl, a slice of the carrot cake and the german chocolate cake, some delicious cookies and a cherry turnover. (I’ve been looking forward to trying one of their turnovers almost as much as the cookies!)

Everything all packaged up...
Everything all packaged up…
Aren't these just the cutest?
Aren’t these just the cutest?

I can hardly wait to visit this bakery in the fall and get some of their fall cookies. Yum-my!




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