It’s Amore | Pasta & Provisions

So, we’ve been to the Pasta & Provisions original location on Providence Rd. many times in the past. Their fresh pasta in the best and I love the New York Deli feel of the place. Earlier this year they opened up their second location on Park Rd, right up the way from the Park Rd. Shopping Center, and this past Saturday we finally had a chance to check the place out.


One of the interesting things about this location, is it’s not only a market, but you can eat there too if you’re so inclined. They have both a small indoor eating area as well as several umbrella covered tables out on the fenced in patio. As I was waiting for our pasta to be cut, I gave the menu a look over… and let me say… the meatball sub sounded especially delicious!



You can purchase meats, pizza kits, frozen prepared dinners, ravioli, soups and spreads just to name a few. Since we planned to have spaghetti and meatballs later that evening we knew exactly what we were after. Mum also picked up some of their fresh bread and some frozen Italian Wedding Soup. I on the other hand picked up some fresh pizza dough for a pizza creation I’ll be sharing soon. (It’s going to be de.lic.ious!)

You can purchase meatballs in pomodoro or marinara sauce. We tend to go with the pomodoro.
You can purchase meatballs in pomodoro or marinara sauce. We tend to go with the pomodoro.

Don’t those meatballs look absolutely scrumptious! For those of you who plan on stopping by and pick up some meatballs for yourself, I’d recommend getting another container of the freshly made sauce, because you’re going to need it!

Fresh pasta is oh... so... delicious!
Fresh pasta is oh… so… delicious!

While it was fun to check out this location and we will probably go again, we still love the charm of the original location the most…


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