Let’s Talk Pizza | Hamptons Lane

Since we’ve really enjoyed getting our food boxes from the various services I’ve shared about in the past few months, we were excited to hear about Hampton’s Lane. Each month you have your choice of one of their curated boxes that contain artisan ingredients and the kitchen tools you’ll need to whip up the recipes from their website.

For the first box, I went with with the Pizza option.

Our goodies...
Our goodies…

In the box:

  • Pizza Cutter (from Epicurean) to make cutting pizza and clean up easy. It’s made of 100% wood fiber and it’s dishwasher safe.
  • Pizza Peel (also from Epicurean) is ideal for transferring your unbaked pizza from the counter to the hot stone or steel in your oven. Plus you can cut up your freshly made pizza directly on this pizza peel.
  • Tipo 00 Flour (from Antimo Captuo) – the maker of this flour is known for their pizza flour and apparently it’s not easy to find in regular supermarkets in the US.
  • Italian Seasoning (from Raw Spice Bar) The sun-dried tomato and fennel in this blend helps give more flavor to your pizzas. Perfect for seasoning or mixing into your sauce or pizza dough. (It also contains garlic, black pepper, onion, oregano, basil, cayenne pepper, rosemary, thyme and other various spices.)
  • All Natural Pizza Sauce (from Scarpetta) This pizza sauce promises a fresh-from-the-gardne flavor and is made from theihgihest quality ingredients. (It’s also Gluten-Free or Gluten Friendly, whichever term you prefer.)
  • Active Dry Yeast (from Red Star) Red Star is the leader in yeast invocation, and this active dry yeast is the key ingredient if you’re after the perfect pizza crust.

While the booklet included in the box shares about the ingredients and tools included along with (in this case) a recipe for the pizza dough, I wish that it would include the recipes that are online. (See recipes for this box here.)

Stay tuned to the upcoming post, about the second box we received. Here’s a hint…  C’est magnifique!



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