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On a recent trip to the Savory Spice Shop in Southend, I picked up a some delicious honey’s from Cloister Honey. While I’ve sampled some of their whipped honeys in the past, I was so excited to try out some new flavors.

Before I share about the delicious honey’s that we tried, here’s a brief bio about Cloister Honey via their website.

At Cloister Honey, we’re dedicated to preserving the incredible flavor and healthful benefits of natural honey. We attend to the hives, observe the behavior of the bees, follow a time-sensitive harvesting process and carefully transfer the honey from the hive to the bottle. This labor of love is entirely different from what happens with mass-produced, supermarket honey. And we’re certain you will taste the difference.

Why do we care so much? The obvious reason is taste. Raw honey is liquid bliss. Nature has done her job so well, we want to preserve the goodness. Yet our philosophy goes beyond honey. We believe that being connected to nature keeps life grounded. By eating natural foods, growing your own fruits and vegetables or simply buying locally grown and harvested foods, we gain a better appreciation for nature. And we develop a greater ability to find joy in simple pleasures. – Cloister Honey

Lavender Whipped Honey
Lavender Whipped Honey

Since I love lavender, this whipped honey practically lept into my hands. It’s perfect for you enjoying in your tea, on toast, or if you really love it (like I do) all by itself. Delicious.

You can also try out this recipe for Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies with Whipped Lavender Honey, which sounds amazing.


For those choc-a-aholics out there, this is definitely the honey for you. I imagine it would taste really delicious drizzled on top of a dessert, or perhaps even on some vanilla ice cream.

Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice

This honey is like taking a bite of pumpkin pie. All of the spices hit you at once and you will be instantly in the mood for Fall.

You can use this honey in the recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Baklava with Honey and Walnuts… and I also think it would be delicous in the recipe for Cinnamon Rolls if you didn’t happen to pick up their Cinnamon Whipped Honey.


This Vanilla honey was the only infused honey that I purchased. The vanilla bean inside gives off just the right hint of flavor and is not overpowering.

Try out this recipe for Honey Snow Ice Cream using the Vanilla Honey in the upcoming winter months.

On another note… While they have larger jars of all of these honeys and several other flavors as well, I definitely recommend starting off with the 3 oz jars. That way you can decide which flavors are your favorite before you make a bigger purchase. The 3 oz jars will run you $6 (USD) plus tax.



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