Facts about Meyer Lemons

Meyer Lemons vs. Regular Lemons
Meyer Lemons vs. Regular Lemons

Last spring when we were putting together our first ever herb garden, we decided we wanted a Meyer Lemon Tree. Although we put it on hold till this spring, fingers crossed we can find one… I thought it might be interesting to share some facts about Meyer Lemons that set them apart from those commonly found in your grocery store produce section.

Meyer Lemons:

  • They are a cross between a regular lemon and a tangerine.
  • Their skin is a deeper yellow.
  • Since they have a sweeter flavor, you won’t have to use as much sugar as your recipe is calling for.
  • Their floral flavor makes them ideal for lemonades, salads and baked goodies.
  • Add them to your iced teas or chilled water at parties for an extra touch.
  • Makes a wonderful flavored olive oil that can be found at many of the olive oil stores that are popping up in Charlotte and the surrounding area. This olive oil can be used instead of regular dressing for a healthy and yet delicious alternative.

Well, that’s just a few little facts. Until next time.



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