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We love Greek food around our house, so we were really excited about this month’s Greece box from Try the World. The culture guide provides recipes to use your products and cultural information about where each product came from, making it one of my favorite things about the Try the World boxes (in addition to trying out foods from around the glove, of course.)

Culture Guide...
Culture Guide…
Pasteli | Vasilissa
Pasteli | Vasilissa

These Pasteli are made with sesame seeds and honey. This traditional Greek treat can be found in street kiosks and has been made by the Vasilissa family since the 1950’s.

Suggested Uses: Enjoy as a snack, add to your granola, or crumble up on top of your favorite dessert.

Trahana | 776 Deluxe

776 Deluxe is named after 776 BC, the date of the first Olympic games and Trahana was a popular staple amongst ancient shepherds who used to in their porridges and soups. This particular Trahana is made with sheep’s milk.

Suggested Uses: Make Trahana Soup, use in a stew or make a pasta salad.

Kourambies Biscuit | Sweet Magic
Kourambies Biscuit | Sweet Magic

Sweet Magic is a family owned business based in Athens. They’ve been baking these buttery biscuits for over 30 years.

Suggested Uses: Delicious when dipped into coffee, crumbled over ice cream.

Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil | Delicious Crete
Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil | Delicious Crete

This Rosemary Infused EVOO comes from the island of Crete, which is known both of it’s agriculture and cuisine.

Suggested Uses: Cook Trahanas, use as a salad dressing (which is one of our favorite ways to use our infused olive oils,) or serve with bread. (We love to slice up fresh bread, drizzle it and then toast it in the oven for 5-10 minutes… but you can also go with the common dipping method.)

Dolmas (Stuffed Vine Leaves) | Palirria
Dolmas (Stuffed Vine Leaves) | Palirria

We recently saw Dolmas on the menu of a local Greek restaurant that just opened up in our area. I’m looking forward to giving these a try. These particular Dolmas are stuffed with rice, dill, mint and onions and have been made fresh by the Palirria family since they opened in 1957.

Suggested Uses: Eat on their own as a snack, or serve with chopped tomatoes.

Breadsticks | Baking Stories
Breadsticks | Baking Stories

Baking Stories was founded by five brothers in the village of Stravrakia and uses stone0ground wheat flour to bring the quality and flavor of their breadsticks to another level.

Suggested Uses: Dip into pepper paste, crush into breadcrumbs, or enjoy with olives.

Tzatziki Spice Mix | Stories of Greek Origins
Tzatziki Spice Mix | Stories of Greek Origins

Tzatziki is a greek yogurt tip typically made with fresh herbs, olive oil, and sometimes thinly sliced cucumber. This Tzatziki Mix from Stories of Greek Origins is easy to whip up… just add plain yogurt and top with EVOO.

Suggested Uses: Serve with Keftedes, enjoy with souvlaki or use as a dip.

Spicy Pepper Paste with Feat Cheese | Artion
Spicy Pepper Paste with Feta Cheese | Artion

Made with simple and authentic ingredients, this red pepper paste with feta cheese is going to have a serious kick.

Suggested Uses: Use as a dip, add to pasta or mix into a sauce.



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