How to slice a mushroom

How to slice a mushroom...How to slice a mushroom…
  1. Wipe away any dirt with a damp paper towel.
  2. Pull off stem and make a flat surface.
  3. Holding your knife firmly, and using a claw grip slice evenly with your dominant hand.
  4. Continue until mushroom sliced up and enjoy!

The Foodie’s favorite kinds of mushrooms:

  • White (or button mushrooms) – are the most commonly seen mushrooms. You can purchase the mushrooms whole or sliced at most supermarkets or specialty food stores. They have a firm skin which makes them perfect for stuffing or slicing up for a fresh garden salad.
  • Portobellos – are perfect for a meatless burger option due to their beefy nature, and they are the largest of the mushrooms.
  • Shiitake mushrooms – have a smoky woody flavor. My first memorable experience with shiitake mushrooms was at the knife skills class I took at Whole Foods. They were fun to slice and up, and delicious in the stir fry my fellow classmates created.



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