Strawberries 101

We love strawberries. We’ve put them in sandwiches, on bruschetta (with goat cheese and fresh herbs) and most of the time we just slice them up and eat them by themselves. So this year, we decided we needed our own plant. We were doing an herb garden anyway, so why not turn that green thumb a little deeper shade of green?


We learned a few things along the way, like the center of the flower is where the strawberry forms. Once the petals fall you need to give the strawberry plant a little drink each day, and in order to get the strawberry to ‘blush’ it needs sunlight. Currently we have about thirteen strawberries in various stages, and we can hardly wait to start using our own berries for more exciting dishes!

Important tips to remember:

  • Don’t saturate your soil with water, the strawberries don’t like soggy soil. Just keep it damp.
  • You can plant them in pots, in the ground, or in raised beds (if you have the space.)
  • Don’t plant in full sun, your strawberries like shade too.
  • Strawberries don’t do well in extreme heat. Once the temperature rises above 85F it’s too hot for them.



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