The Enchanted Olive

When someone mentions olive oil what is the first thing you think about? Pasta? Freshly baked bread? Italian food in general?

Olive Oil has been a standard in Mediterrean life for centuries and not just in food. They used it in their hair, on their skin as well as in their food.

Before visiting my first olive oil store while visiting my little sister, who was in medical school in Greenville, I was used to using standard olive oil (or when I had the time, basil infused olive oil) but since then the world of olive oil, the flavors and seamingly endless combinations has been opened to me.

Enter ‘The Enchanted Olive located in historic downtown Mooresville, North Carolina.

This amazing store has so many different types of olive oil, balsamics that you are spoiled for choice. The friendly staff walk you through the store allowing you to taste any of the olive oils and balsamics you wish, and will introduce you to taste combinations that they’ve tried out themselves. Whether you like your olive oil strong and mild, your balsamics tart or sweet you’re sure to find the perfect purchase just for you.

Not sure if you want one of the largest bottles? Want to get several different types to sample with family or friends? Then the $4.99 ‘sample’ size is for you. (They are the small bottles you see above… and unless you plan on drinking the stuff it will last you awhile then it’s the perfect size)

So what did I purchase you ask? Well I love Basil, so of course I got a bottle of the Basil infused EVOO and I also love mushrooms so bring on the Garlic/Mushroom EVOO.

My mom has a passion for Lime, so she purchased the Persian Lime EVOO, along with Grapefruit Balsamic, and the Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic. Yes… Chocolate… and you’ll never guess what they recommend you use it on… Ice Cream! Haven’t tried it yet… but I’m pretty sure it’s totally yummy…

Olive Oil and Balsamic’s aren’t the only things that can be found in this enchanting store… They also have exotic salts… sugars, herbs and rubs.

If you want to see what benefits olive oil can have for your skin they have soaps and hand lotions in a scent that is sure to insnare your senses…

So next time you’re in Mooresville… you should check this place out… or search for a olive oil shop in your own hometown…

The Enchanted olive
119 N Main St. Mooresville, North Carolina

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